[Title]: Lucid Dreaming
[Author/Circle] Shell Hanaya
[Pairing]: Souji/Yu x Adachi
[Pages] 25
[Rating:] R - For gore/violence content. No sexual situations present whatsoever. …Not a fluffy, or even all that romantic, doujin in the slightest. Just extremely nice art and an interesting narrative, even if her choice of text bubble shapes and amount of dialogue made the bubbles rather annoying to work with in places.

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[Notes]: Shell is a rather prolific artist I came across a few months ago and ebil_trio were gracious enough to let me use their scans despite owning a copy.

Also included in this verse are “Last Call,” “Last Dance” and “Last Night.” I have access to “Call” and “Night” that, but neither of the  doujinshi are necessary to understanding this one, or else I would’ve waited to translate that first. If I can ever find the scans of “Dance,” or someone has scans of it, I’d be happy to translate it as well. I’m not even a fan of the pairing, but I really enjoy her art, and found this doujin to be a cool read.

So if you dislike the pairing, you might actually get along with this doujin well enough. 

Opted for Souji vs. Yu as the name of the protagonist because it fit the bubbles better. (Shell’s chosen protag name is Haruto.)



5.5 days later, still not completely over it

decided to do some rough (a.k.a. really crappy, unproofread and probably riddled with mistakes because it was done in two hours when i should’ve been studying) translations of teddie’s chart of the mc + the quotes on the borders, just for kicks because the entire thing is hilarious

Chie: Even when he’s rushing along fiercely, he’ll stop for me. H-he’s cool!

Yukiko: When I was feeling down and lost, he always encouraged me…he’s reliable and wonderful.

Rise: He has the openmindedness that only an older person can have, and he listens to me when I’m selfish. I love you, Senpai!

Naoto: I was able to show him the real me…please catch it all…

Ai: I-I can’t help it, the fact that I came to like him. He was the first guy to scold me!

Ayane: Senpai always supports me. He’s full of confidence and he’s a person who resembles the sun.

Yumi: Meeting him was the most my heart’s ever been disturbed. It’s not necessary to act my love onstage!

Yosuke: Well, how do I put it? Even a guy like me ends up with his heart fluttering…wait, what the hell am I saying?!

yes, they get steadily more ridiculously head-over-heels for him isn’t it great

now for the real ridiculousness of this spread…


Disappearing back and forth in the town of Inaba, making Social Links with everyone with the vigour of breaking bamboo, Sensei’s not a leader just in battle to people who look up to him! Just where does he get the overflowing confidence to seduce and score with chicks?! Searching for the boiling hot fountain of love, this is my report of what people see in him!

Sensei’s chest: The appeal is in how he keeps his shirt widely unbuttoned, his youth bursting forth and radiating pheromones from his chest. T-this is bearly-tamed charm!! Okay, I give up, it’s kinda refreshing!

Sensei’s hair: Windswept soft hair, based in a bob cut. Bearfore thinking, I ended up wanting to touch it~ […I can’t really properly make this English, but he basically goes on a tangent about groping his hair because it’s so fluffy and soft.]

Sensei’s eyes: Gentle but also piercingly bright, pupils glowing with secret emotion. Just being looked at, I feel like I’ve ended up bearing a child… Looking at everything with an unobstructed, hot line of vision, it’ll expose all of the embarrassed young maidens’ secrets ☆

Sensei’s mouth: A good man doesn’t talk beary much. With one smile, he knocks down ready hearts, which is proof of a hotshot. Sweet and bitter, his words are for beartersweet things.

Sensei’s hands: Nails cut short, absolutely no hangnails, and beary silky smooth hands, With these fingers, exactly how many women has he wiped away tears for? Of course I can’t ask an unbearably rude thing like that.

Sensei’s shirts: The sleeves and the cuffs of the shirt under his uniform are long enough for a tight silhouette. It’s beary fashionable~ By the way, embarrassed young maidens think that haori are beary cute men’s clothing.

Sensei’s shoes: High-quality, thoroughly cleaned school-assigned shoes that are filled up by Sensei, the city boy. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, he polishes them himself every morning. Times when he’s a sincere gentleman make both me and women beary weak at the knees…♥


(i’m probably not going to get to the second page at all just because i don’t find it as funny.)

P4U2: Yu Narukami’s Victory Quotes (Translated - COMPLETE!)


Finished the first batch. Here’s Yu’s Win-Quotes from P4U2, translated to English.

The transcription source is Seesaa Wiki. The translation is my work.

If Seesaa Wiki makes any edits I will correct this post. 


Generic Quotes:

  • “That was a good battle…”

  • “Well, it looks like I’ve won.”

  • “Let’s end this.”

  • “A nice victory. Let’s do this again sometime.”

  •  “It was a hard battle, but I have grown tremendously.” (Beef Bowl Challenge Quote!)

  • “I think we may be able to grow even stronger now.”

Character Specific Quotes:

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P4U2: Shadow Yu’s Victory Quotes (Translated - COMPLETE!)


Next batch! This time we’re taking a look at the Victory Quotes of Shadow!Type Yu! The TRUE “Kingpin of Steel” -Cold as Steel and uncaring as a Kingpin.

The transcription source is Seesaa Wiki. The translation is my work.

If Seesaa Wiki makes any edits I will correct this post. 


Generic Quotes:

  •  They are all just a burden to me.
    Useless brats, who have to lean on others,
    because they can’t do anything by themselves!

  • “Heh heh heh…
    I can play with you in your misery as I please… You’re just a toy to me.”

  • Yes, grovel before me!
    You can’t protect anything!”

  • You just need to be a little nice to them, and they’ll do as you please…
    That’s how cheap a game of make-believe these bonds really are, right?

  • “You talk big about safeguarding things,
    but when it comes to the praxis, you can’t protect a thing!
    Ha Ha Ha, that’s how pathetic you are right now!”

  • Hahahahah!
    Everything… I’m going to destroy everything!

  • “I don’t want anyone.
    I don’t need anyone.
    That’s how it’s always been, from the start!”

Character Specific Quotes:


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